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  • “I had surgery and started putting CBD on the incision. After a month, the scar looked like it was a year old, not a month old, and I was very happy. Grace has been marvelous for me. I use all of their products.”

    – Debbie H., Avid CBD User

  • “That first meeting, that class if you will … there was no hurry. It was very informative and we got educated about cannabis to the point where we were comfortable using the products. Grace is working really well for me.”

    – Henry H., CBD Believer

  • “We sleep much better (with CBD); we go back to sleep if we get up during the night (and) we wake up with fewer aches and pains.We felt we were getting good, organic products, legally produced. And, we’re happy with it.”

    – Joy P., CBD Believer

  • “It was during chemotherapy that I got introduced to cannabis. I love the Grace products and the personal touch with Nicole and Jaime. I would recommend their products to anybody.”

    – Kim G., Breast Cancer Survivor

  • “My Mom was quite ill, suffering with a lot of pain. Nicole suggested the balm and it worked really really well. I became a believer. I asked Jaime and Nicole how I might be able to use CBD. Now I'm able to sleep better, and I have a better quality of life.”

    – Mickey G., Former CBD Skeptic

  • “I started using Grace products because I had problems after radiation treatment (for breast cancer). Now, their balm is something that I do not think I could make it through the day without…. my life is improved.”

    – Robbie A., Breast Cancer Survivor

  • “I really couldn’t find a product that worked consistently, until I discovered the Grace products. It brings my anxiety level down and resolves my insomnia. I cannot say enough about it; it’s an amazing product.”

    – Sam N., CBD Advocate

  • Joint pain and sleep were a huge problem for me and for my husband. We went back and forth with all kinds of products. It took us awhile, but we didn’t give up trying to find the best product for us. We found Grace. We love Grace. We got the relief we needed and the help we desperately were looking for. If it wasn’t for Nicole and Jaime educating us, and spending time really getting to know our needs, we would have given up and gone back to our pain meds.

    — Joy P - Mission Viejo, CA

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  • I’m 81. I never thought cannabis would have medicinal benefits. I started using Grace at the recommendation of my daughter. Nicole and Jaime made sure to do a thorough review of my case to make sure the CBD would not interfere with my current medications. I have arthritis, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure and I get headaches because of the meds. With CBD, all of the headaches stopped. I don’t have inflammation and, the added benefit, I feel mentally sharper than ever. I am so happy I used the Grace products and followed the advice received. The education and consults were great, and they offered an opportunity to learn about my health and my diet.

    — Elisa D - Greenwich, CT

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  • I was suffering with early stage liver cancer. When I first approached Nicole and Jaime, they immediately took an interest in my case and looked at my medical history thoroughly. They worked with another doctor and put a protocol together which incorporated things for every part of me. They educated me about how to properly dose and even went over my diet. They handled my case with care and empathy, which I was also missing with my regular oncology care. They made me feel empowered and confident. I am still on the protocol, and trust Jaime and Nicole greatly. Thank you Grace!

    — Jonathan B - Dana Point, CA

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  • I had been suffering with terrible neuropathy as a result of radiation from breast cancer treatments. Some nights the pain was so bad, it would wake me up. I felt hopeless. I was trying so many medications to help alleviate the pain, but nothing was working and the side effects from the meds were terrible. I also started to become very depressed. With Grace I was able to sleep, my pain at night subsided, and because I was sleeping more, I wasn’t as depressed. I love Grace products and have recommended them to all my friends suffering.

    — Roberta A - Mission Viejo

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