Our Process

We oversee every step of our supply chain, starting with the best plant genetics and beautifully yielding, fully developed plants that are sun-grown in pristine environments.

Genetic Selection

We select the best cannabis seeds from around the world, searching for the most promising chemovar profiles sourced from landrace genetics, as well as other well-established lines. We focus on the desired end result to achieve the best therapeutic benefit. Once found, our seed bank and cultivar partners stabilize the chosen seeds into reproducible seeds from which our cannabis products are made.


Seedlings are sun-grown in the best organic sustainable environment and allowed to develop their full potential. With enough time, the flower is fully ripened and the plants develop the full spectrum profile we need for our products. We hand-harvest every plant and dry them in clean environments for use in the next phase – extraction.


We use the best essential oils to hold the therapeutic compounds in our formulations. Cryogenic organic ethanol removes any water- soluble debris that limits the absorption potential of cannabis in the body. And, our extracts are thoroughly purged at low vacuum levels to maintain their full chemovar profile.


We infuse our extracts in translucent nano-emulsions using patented technology and a stabilizer designed to enhance the bioavailability of compounds. Nano-emulsification is a premier process used in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical space, particularly in RNA based and nano-oncology drug/vaccine development.

Nano-filtration ensures full sterilization of the liquid and droplet size, which directly impacts when people feel the effect – typically anearlier onset within 15 minutes.

Clean Certificate